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    Apps & Web Applications

    If you’re considering a Mobile App rather than a Mobile or Responsive Website – Go for a Website!

    Although it depends on the brand, a Mobile Website is a must-have as most users are going to look for you via their browser.

    ‘If you’re going to search for any type of business, you’re going to search the mobile web, not an App store. People don’t look for Apps that will give them information.’

    Remember that when on a mobile, a customer has a different set of needs to when on a desktop.

    To coin a phrase used by Wapple’s CEO: ‘When someone searches for a restaurant on a desktop they want to book, when on a mobile they want to eat.’

    Key Points:

    • Building an App for the iPhone and Android can be cost prohibitive.
    • A Mobile Website can be viewed by anyone with a Smart Phone.
    • The Mobile App field is extremely crowded and if your App isn’t indispensible, it will likely get lost in the clutter.
    • More than10 Billion Apps have been downloaded. That’s a lot of Apps! . . .But, out of all those Apps a study by Localytics show that most are used just once.
    • A mobile App limits your reach and not all Smart Phone owners use Apps.
    • Apps have their place, however it’s vital you receive the correct information regarding your use of Apps.
    • A Select Web Mobile Website is ideal when information architecture in a mobile context is considered.
    • Chances are, it’s a Mobile or Responsive Website You Really Need.

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