planning for website revamp

Website update: How a revamp will boost your digital marketing

Your company website is an asset. It’s an integral part of your business’s marketing mix. If it is not working optimally, it can hamper your marketing efforts and harm your brand. In the blink of an eye, a website can become outdated. Irrelevant to your audience. In need of a revamp. If you haven’t doneRead more


Our Top 8 website design trends for 2018

Last year, we highlighted seven eye-catching website design trends that we predicted would make their mark in 2017. In keeping with this tradition, we thought it only right to highlight what we believe are the top eight trends that will dominate website design in 2018. (Yes, we’re working our way to a top 10 inRead more

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Your business is invisible without an online presence

Your business is doomed to fail without an online presence. This new mobile-friendly website development for is an example of what we can do for your business. It is vitally important that your company stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting positive impression when customers find you on search engines and visitRead more

Pilates In Motion

“Hi there Eric, YAH! I added my first new article, with picture and featured it. I changed the pricing on my Pilates equipment page and few others. I just wanted to say that ever since I have had my new Pilates website up and running, I have pretty much been fully booked ever since. ThankRead more