SEO is Dead


    SEO is Dead

    Long Live OC/DC!

    The term “SEO” is used too often to describe online marketing activities that have nothing to do with search engines. That’s why it’s dead. In its place is OC/DC, a shorthand reference for the concept of optimising content for discovery and conversion.

     Introducing “OC/DC” — the replacement for SEO

    What people really mean when they say “SEO” is the idea of optimising content for discovery and conversion across a wide spectrum of the web … not just search engines.

    Think about it: When you optimise your site, is it just so that it will rank in Google … or are your goals wider than that?

    Absolutely, for many sites, traffic from Google is important. But sites get traffic from a variety of sources — social media, related blogs, and so forth.

    Are search engines the only source of valuable traffic? Of course not. Yet we still call the tactics of optimising for organic traffic “SEO.”

    Silly isn’t it?

    Optimising Content for Discovery and Conversion, or “OC/DC” for short, encapsulates this idea of amplifying the overall reach and results of content creation.

    OC/DC defines a new role for the former SEO activities, broadening the scope and applicability of what online marketers actually do.

    The real rock stars of search optimisation have always known that it took a lot more than just getting the top result in Google to measure the success of their work.

    Now is the time for OC/DC to replace SEO in the online marketing lexicon … and leave the spammers and link buyers in the dustbin of history.


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