Have you passed the backyard braai test?

    does your website design engage your visitors from the get-go?

    Have you passed the backyard braai test?

    At my weekly Thursday networking meeting, I have 60 seconds to pitch Select Web to my fellow chapter members and visitors. What we do, how we add value to our clients’ businesses. 

    In short, why we’re such an amazing website design and search marketing agency. Promote, promote, promote! ???? ???? ????

    It’s the classic elevator pitch, perhaps with the luxury of a little more time (elevator pitches are usually about 30 secs). 

    When it comes to time, the one place you’re not too pressured is around the braai. 

    Telling those gathered to watch the searing steaks and spuds wrapped in heavy-duty tinfoil what you do. How your company can make a difference in their lives and the lives of people they know. 

    Being succinct yet engaging, friendly, open and honest. All before their eyes glaze over from sheer boredom. In other words, passing the backyard braai test.

     * * * * 

    While we’re online though, time seems to somehow get compressed. 

    Searching, clicking here and clicking there. Hitting the back button, starting again. Trying to find the best answers to our questions in the fastest time possible. Bouncing from one site to the next.

    So, time is likely the one thing your website visitors do not have a lot of. 

    They’ve typed (or asked aloud – yes, voice search is a thing) a query into Google/Alexa/Siri and they’ve landed on your homepage. The reception room of your online premises. 

    Start the clock. The backyard braai test for your website has just begun. Only you don’t have 30 to 60 seconds. Or longer. It’s more like 3 secs . . . 5 at a push. Time to shine.???? 

     * * * * 

    Have you distilled the essence of what you do into something your audience instantly recognises or, even better, understands? 

    Have you reassured your website visitors that they’re in the right place? Put them into your story? 

    The customer journey starts with a great headline. It tells your audience the benefit they will get out of using your service. 

    So keep your headlines short, use descriptive, specific adjectives and keyword friendly phrases. It will go a long way to keeping your audience engaged from the get-go. 

    And prevent your website leads from going up in (braai) smoke.