GWI Project Managers


    GWI Project Managers

    “GWI Project Managers (GWI) is an organization that provides professional services to clients with a focus on development projects and professional consulting services.

    GWI was established in 1995 and by 1999 the electronic media had advanced to a level whereby it became affordable for our organization to offer clients solutions using the most up to date offerings in electronic forms.

    Early in the new millennium we engaged with Eric from Select Web, regarding his expertise that would provide our clients with added value. From these early days Eric has always been able to offer us his consulting services with creative and innovative solutions that are stable and provide client satisfaction.

    Projects that we have engaged Eric to offer his services range as follows;

    • Electronic planning systems that were incorporated into a website and provided information to our client that was operating at a local, national and international arena. This system created a leading edge for our client in the shipping industry worldwide.
    • Development of an intricate database for a national transport company that integrated operational activities, financial management, performance management and control of an “owner driver” scheme and ultimately management and control of the repairs and maintenance of the entire fleet of horses and trailers that were operating throughout South and Southern African. This system provided an opportunity for the organization to become much more competitive in their industry.
    • Developments of both our company and specific project websites that have been structured for localized management but have been based on an architecture that is at the fore front of information technology. Some of these websites have integrated databases that provide for on-line trading using VCS.

    Through these numerous projects we have benefitted from the services that Eric has provided, in that he is able to offer professional advice during the planning, implementation and close out phases. Eric has always being able to interpret the brief, participate in the discussions for planned solutions, and deliver a great product that has added value to the project and ultimately the clients business.

    Importantly, Eric has shown experience and knowledge in being able to work under pressure, deliver solutions within the agreed upon timeframes and within the budget. One of the most important aspects of his work is that the final product that is delivered has been adequately tested and when launched is always stable and fully functional.

    With us having appointed Eric to complete numerous websites and other electronic media projects we would have no hesitation in recommending him as a highly competent, experienced and knowledgeable professional.

    The undersigned may be contacted for any further information.”

    Basil Karstad – Director