A better customer experience starts with your website

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    A better customer experience starts with your website

    The term “customer experience” is a hot topic in business again.

    Whether from an Uber driver, call centre agent, bank teller or cashier, we are being asked to rate services based on our experiences from the companies we part our hard-earned Rands with.

    But customer experience, and by extension customer service is, and always will be, more than just a buzzword. It’s vital to acquire new customers and then retain them for as long as possible.

    Why? Well, because there are so many options for customers out there today and the competition for your spending is growing all the time.

    And this is where your website can really come into its own. It’s a cost-effective way of acquiring new customers because it works – or should work – like a magnet that attracts buyers from your target market. It’s also a way for customers to communicate with your business.

    Your communication channels

    Not too long ago, there were perhaps only one or two channels that customers could use to interact with your business. But as new technologies have entered the market, customers now can use a wide range of channels to interact with your business.

    Mike Anderson, founder and CEO of the National Small Business Chamber, cites research from Microsoft that found 50% of customers are likely to use between three and five channels to communicate with your business.

    “Part of doing this [customer experience] well is ensuring you have an omnichannel approach and giving customers the option to define which channel they want to use to communicate with your business,” says Anderson.

    While face-to-face and telephone communication is still relevant, email, social media platforms and websites have become ever more popular.

    “It simply means ensuring you have a website, mobile capability and social media channels available,” says Anderson.

    “These three elements are a major part of today’s customer experience and have become a standard requirement for most,” he adds.

    Today, customers expect a good experience on whatever channel they choose to communicate with you – and if they don’t believe they are getting this, they find another provider. In other words, your opposition.

    Designing a great customer experience

    Our focus is on creating good customer experiences for our clients And we believe it all starts with a website that works well.

    We believe that your website is the centre of your digital marketing universe because it is the hub that connects all your digital marketing content and also provides valuable, practical information such as phone numbers, physical addresses, social media links and blog posts.

    If you think about it, your website is where many of your commercial outcomes take place.

    Having a website that doesn’t present a true reflection of your business, is outdated and is difficult to read and navigate is like having a grumpy salesperson on your team.

    So, how can we help you?

    An engaging, effective professionally designed website is a must for any company serious about growing and attracting its ideal customers.

    Why? Newsflash! Your prospective customers are not searching for your name in the Yellow Pages anymore.

    They are searching on Google for companies that offer what they’re looking for. And if they are pleased with what they see when they land on your website, they’ll consider giving you a call.

    The websites we develop are called Content Managed Sites which means that:

    1. Changes and updates can be handled quickly and easily
    2. You are in control of your website channel
    3. It is cost-effective – by being able to update the website yourself you don’t need the involvement of web designers
    4. We help you by including free training consultations in our website development packages

    A website that looks good and works well will undoubtedly result in a better experience for your business for your customers.

    As Andersen says, “Don’t leave room for a customer to consider options, sell an experience and you will reap the rewards.”