Windows 8 Mail Email Setup


    Windows 8 Mail Email Setup

    Email Setup for Windows 8 Mail

    Launch Search

    1. Select the search icon from the charm bar on the right hand side

    Search for Mail

    2. Search for ‘Mail’ and launch the Mail application

    Select View all in Settings

    3. Select “View all in Settings” from the bottom left of the screen

    Select Other Account

    4. Select “Other Account” from the “Add an account” menu on the top right of the screen

    Select Show more details

    5. Then select “Show more details“ from the “Add your Other account” screen

    Enter your relevant details

    6. Ensure that you enter your relevant details as shown in the screen below, then select “Connect

    You have completed your account setup

    7. Your Windows 8 Mail program should now be set up to send and receive mail.