What does the future hold for SEO?

What does the future hold for SEO?

Blog posts from two highly respected digital marketers this week regarding the future of SEO (search engine optimisation) left an impression on me.  As a blog and SEO writer, I was intrigued by Mark Shaefer’s thoughts about the “pretty wild and unexpected turns” that SEO is taking these days. And the subject line of NeilRead more

SEO News you should read

What’s new in SEO? The search space has been lately engaged in an algorithm updates race. On April 21st Google hit mobile search with its long-awaited Google Mobile-Friendly Update and only the mice in the fields remain ignorant of this. The experts from Google pointed that Mobilegeddon was even larger than Penguin or Panda. According toRead more

SEO is Dead

Long Live OC/DC! The term “SEO” is used too often to describe online marketing activities that have nothing to do with search engines. That’s why it’s dead. In its place is OC/DC, a shorthand reference for the concept of optimising content for discovery and conversion.Read more

SEO – The Periodic Table

Ever wondered about SEO and what is important to your website? This graphic may go some way to demystifying this complex web of variables. Contact us if you need help with your website SEO. We will help you navigate through the web of myths and get your site well ranked.Read more