Daily, thousands of websites are compromised by hackers. Most of these attacks are opportunistic, rather than targeted. Automated bots crawl the net and infect vulnerable websites with computer code that can either insert links to unrelated "shady" websites into your site or use your domain to launch spam and phishing campaigns.

Apart from the hassle of having to take your site offline to try and repair it, if you don’t do anything about the hacking, your domain will be blacklisted which will result in repercussions for your website as well as your emails.

In order to assist you in protecting your website against such attacks and reduce this threat, Select Web has put together our Citadel Security Package. The package comprises two key services: a maintenance service to keep your website up to date with the latest minor version and extension updates and a security component.

One of the main reasons websites are hacked is a failure by businesses to ensure their website software is kept up to date after the initial development is completed. As users begin providing feedback on new software, vulnerabilities are discovered and updates and "patches" are developed to fix these loopholes. So the best way to defend against ongoing attacks on your websites is to keep the software updated.

In addition, we install our Citadel security component into the back-end of your site which will assist in blocking attacks and threats. We cannot guarantee your website will never be hacked, but this greatly minimises the risk.