Does your company have a web site? Is your web site a true reflection of your business? Is it up-to-date, easy to read and to navigate?

In today’s fast paced and information-driven business environment, no company can effectively compete without a dynamic and professionally designed website. Demand for pertinent and up-to-date information has raised the bar as far as customer expectations are concerned when looking at business websites. A company website that never changes and offers nothing to the visitor in terms of ongoing business operations and successes will leave the customer doubting the professionalism and integrity of the organisation.

Dynamic ‘Content Management System’ (CMS) websites enable companies to take control of their website presence and allow owners to personally update and change website content and images without the need to involve expensive website developers. Information that needs to change immediately can be handled with ease and speed. No more delays while waiting for a website designer.
Dynamic websites also rank higher on Search Engines such as Google and will deliver greater and more effective traffic to your site.

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The system keeps track of all the information on your website.
There is no need to contact your website designer for any updates to your website, thus saving you money. Your (CMS) Website comes standard with an easy to use online user interface. This will allow you to login over the internet and update the following:

Images and Photo Galleries
Navigation (buttons on your website)
Add new pages - unlimited
Upload new documents
update your Ecommerce system
Add videos and Audio
Update Event Calendars
Much, much more...

Our (CMS) System has extremely powerful online applications or functionalities:

Photo Galleries
Automated Newsletters
Event Calendars
Form Functionalities
Blogs and Forums
Property management
Document Management Systems
Project and Task Management
CRM Systems
Audio and Video Players
Communities and Groupware
Ecommerce Systems
Guest Books
Inventory Control Systems
Data Reporting Tools
Product Catalogues
Reservation Systems
Communication Tools
Dating and Relationships