.co.za Registration for yourdomain.co.za – R200 incl. (once off)
.co.za Annual renewal Fee - R160 incl. (Paid once annually)

.com / .net / .org / .me registration Fee – R400 incl.
.com / .net / .org / .me Annual renewal Fee – R250 incl. (Paid once annually)

Our hosting pricing is as follows:

Hosting of yourdomain.co.za from R79pm (static html)

CMS hosting of yourdomain.co.za from R195.00

CMS Hosting includes:

5 FREE Pop3 Email Accounts @yourdomain.co.za
5 FREE Alias Accounts
FREE 5 GB Website hosting – www.yourdomain.co.za (includes database)
FREE Global Webmail Access
FREE Anti-virus Protection
FREE Spam Protection
FREE 0866 FAX2EMAIL Number for every email address
Unlimited Mail Box Size
Monthly Local Traffic/Bandwidth Limit: UNLIMITED
Additional Email Addresses: R15 pm
Optional Database Hosting : R75 pm

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