Legendary investor Warren Buffett once quipped that “price is what you pay; value is what you get”. While this saying arguably holds true for most of the goods and services we buy today, it’s definitely on the money (pardon the pun) when talking about website development and digital marketing services.

In these tough economic times, where growth is virtually stagnant, the knee-jerk reaction of many business owners and marketing managers is to cut back on the “nice-to-haves”, such as marketing and advertising.

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No matter how you slice and dice it, online reviews matter. We live in a world where increasingly people open an app or visit a website to express themselves, to gather information and to share their experiences.

One of the most popular ways of gathering information and sharing experiences is by using reviews - either by posting them or reading them - especially those on Google.

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A recently released report has highlighted the growing importance of online content creation in the form of blogs, videos and SEO-driven content in business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategies.

The report by Hubspot entitled “State of Inbound 2017” reveals the top marketing and sales challenges and priorities businesses face today while examining new trends and channels that will soon affect the way we all do business.

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Your business is doomed to fail without an online presence.

This new mobile friendly website development for www.blupool.co.za is an example of what we can do for your business.

It is vitally important that your company stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting positive impression when customers find you on search engines and visit your site. This could be either the start of a profitable relationship or sadly the last time they you will ever cross paths.

If you need help with digital marketing or websites give us a call and lets start a discussion about how we can help you grow your business.

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