Automatic email configuration (for Outlook & ThunderBird)

What is automatic email configuration? Automatic email configuration makes it easy for customers to setup their email accounts within an email program that supports the feature. You only need to provide your name, email address and email password which will be used to setup the email account automatically. Currently, automatic email configuration is available forRead more

Mozilla Thunderbird 7 Email Setup

Launch Mozilla Thunderbird 1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird Add a new email account 2. Select “File” from the top menu bar, then “New”, then “Mail Account”Read more

Android Samsung Email Setup

Launch your mail application 1. Start by selecting the mail icon from your applications screen.Read more

Apple Mail Email Setup

1. Launch Apple Mail. 2. From the toolbar at the top, select File and then Add Account.Read more

Windows 8 Mail Email Setup

Email Setup for Windows 8 Mail Launch Search 1. Select the search icon from the charm bar on the right hand sideRead more

iPhone Email Setup

Select settings 1. Start by selecting the settings icon from your home screen.Read more